Is Your 8th Grader Invited to Participate in GuideMe?

The consent form can be found here when we are actively recruiting.
Recruitment for the school year 2022 - 2023 is closed.
Illustration of a youth surrounded by his parents
Do you want a quick overview of GuideMe? The film above focuses on what participation will entail for your child. The text below provide information about the project as a whole (the same information is available in our flyer). 

Invitation to participate in the GuideMe research project

The aim of the research project is to foster good health choices and well-being, by supporting the dialogue with school nurses and stimulating the cooperation with schools.

The School Health Tool

School nurses must hold individual health-promoting consultations with all pupils in the 8th grade and take part in a systematic cooperation with schools. To support this work, a tool has been developed in collaboration with pupils, school nurses, teachers, researchers, IT developers and the authorities. We call this the School health tool.

The School health tool consists of three components:
  • A digital health information form that pupils complete. Based on their responses, individual and group reports are generated for the school nurses.
  • A competence development package for school nurses, where the aim is to improve the quality of the health dialogue.
  • A competence development package for schools and the school health service, where the aim is to strengthen the cooperation.

What is being researched?

In the GuideMe study, we will investigate whether the three components – either alone or in combination – help foster good health choices and life skills in children, and promote cooperation between schools and the school health service. We will do this by collecting data from pupils, school nurses and teachers.

What does participation entail for your child?

Pupils who participate will be asked to complete an online questionnaire on health and well-being twice during the school year. After completing the first form, they will have a dialogue with the school nurse before being asked to complete a short questionnaire about their perceived value of the dialogue.

Secure storage of responses

The health information and the questionnaire responses are stored on a secure platform, and the study has been approved by the Norwegian Centre for Research Data.  

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